3 Reasons Why Bow Hunting Is More Fun Than Gun Hunting

In this article today I am going to show you 3 reasons why bow hunting is more fun than gun hunting. I don’t want to put down any gun hunters out there or knock anyone’s method of hunting because I have spent plenty of time gun hunting over the years but I just prefer bow hunting. And here are my reasons why:

1.Bow hunting has a longer season

Bow season usually lasts around five months where gun season usually only lasts a week. It may include an extra couple of days but it is far shorter than bow season. If you love hunting as much as I do then the more time that you get to spend in the woods the better.

2. More of a challenge

I love the adrenaline rush that floods over my body while bow hunting as I watch that deer walking toward me totally oblivious that I am there, knowing that I must do everything in my power to remain still and silent. With gun hunting you can take them out from a greater distance but I feel as though the closer you let them get to you the better satisfied and proud you are of your kill.

3.Deer are more calm

During bow season deer are much more calm and not as jumpy as in gun season. Once they start hearing them gunshots they are heading for cover and digging in trying to get away from gun hunters. After the first couple of days of gun season it is hard to see deer unless you put on a drive.

I hope I have done my best to give you reasons why bow hunting is more fun than gun hunting. But to each his own. As long as you are having fun and being successful then that is what is most important. Good luck in whatever choice you make!

Source by Tim E Brian

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